FlowCam® for Microalgae Research and Industrial Cultivation

Rotifers Brachionus rubens imaged by FlowCamPrevent culture crash with high throughput monitoring of algae in real-time. The FlowCam automates the analysis of large volumes of data for microalgae research and industrial cultivation, providing 40+ morphological parameters including biovolume, size distribution, shape and fluorescence to aid in population health analysis and harvest scheduling. Contamination identification and enumeration is streamlined through the creation of libraries that classify invasive species and foreign particles. 

  • Analyze a 1 mL sample in 6 minutes
  • Analysis with the FlowCam is repeatable and scalable
  • FlowCam can be integrated with the Automated Liquid Handler for high throughput analysis of ninety-six 1 mL samples
  • VisualSpreadsheet software performs image analysis by measuring 40+ morphological parameters, including biovolume, coloration, shape, and size
    Measure cell size distribution and concentration to monitor culture health and yield
    Automate cell biovolume calculation
    Characterize astaxanthin  concentration with color metrics
    Analyze lipids using Nile Red of Bodipy stain and fluorescence excitation
    Track contamination of rotifers and biological invaders with image recognition
    Perform live/dead population analysis

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How Does the FlowCam Work?

  1. A live or preserved sample is introduced into the top of the FlowCam
  2. Imaging and flow settings are adjusted to optimize organism and particle analysis
  3. A microsyringe pump draws the sample (minimum sample volume = 200 µL) through a cuvette and a camera photographs each organism/particle as it flows, recording count and concentration in real time
  4. Image recognition software, VisualSpreadsheet, measures 40+ physical properties, including biovolume, from each image
  5. Data are analyzed using VisualSpreadsheet, either on the FlowCam or a personal computer. Image libraries and statistical analysis techniques enable identification and classification of taxa. Reports can be exported in CSV format.  


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Customer Quote:

“Data, especially on algal cell shape and size, and on culture quality, that were too labor-intensive to collect are now routinely acquired and shared. We have found that the data obtained by a single person using FlowCam would have
previously required 3 people."

—Charley O'Kelly, Director of Applied Research, Cyanotech Corporation



FlowCam 8000 Series

FlowCam Straight-On Desktop - Cropped - low res


For particles 2 µm to 1 mm. Compatible with Automated Liquid Handler. 

Applications: Track cell size distributions, monitor contamination, cell vitality analysis, lipid analysis



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FlowCam 5000

FlowCam 5000 Streamlined for rapid data acquisition and analysis, the FlowCam 5000 analyzes freshwater and marine samples, calculates cell counts, concentration and biovolume, and provides semi-automated classification of taxa; all at an affordable price that now puts the FlowCam technology within reach of smaller non-profits, facilities and government institutions. 



FlowCam Automated Liquid Handler (ALH)

FlowCam ALH for particle characterization analysis For automated, high-throughput, unsupervised sample analysis of up to ninety-six 1-mL samples. Compatible with the FlowCam 8000. 

Applications: QA/QC, batch testing

Will the FlowCam ALH work for you? Inquire about a demonstration. 



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VisualSpreadsheet®  Software

VisualSpreadsheet FlowCam Aquatic Sample RunOur proprietary software VisualSpreadsheet performs image recognition, particle measurements, statistical analyses, data collection, and enables data manipulation. With VisualSpreadsheet (ViSP), which is included with every FlowCam, you can create image libraries, digital filters, and use machine learning for auto-classification.  View data in ViSP or export to Excel in CSV format. Visit the ViSP page for more information.



Visit the Microalgae Cultivation Resources Page for case studies, eBooks, and more.

eBook: Fundamentals of Flow Imaging Microscopy

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Peer-Reviewed & Published FlowCam Research

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FlowCam for Aquatic Microorganism Research 

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