Analyze Ballast Water with FlowCam®

Ballast water must be treated in order to avoid pollution and the spread of some invasive species. The Ballast Water Performance Standard [IMO D2 Regulations] are set by the International Marine Organization’s international convention, and states that viable cells within certain size ranges must be detected and counted.

FlowCam allows you to quickly and easily analyze your ballast water, either onboard the ship or port-side. 

Why Use FlowCam® to Analyze Ballast Water? 

  • Detect, image, and count microorganisms in a discrete sample or a continuous flow
  • Rapid analysis - up to 10,000 images per minute
  • Sort, filter and classify particle images interactively with VisualSpreadsheet® – and even automate the process
  • Flexible and easy-to-use - customize various excitation lasers to accommodate specific detection work

The FlowCam is being used worldwide by scientists, researchers, and technicians to support their work in ballast water systems testing.

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FlowCam® Image Gallery - Ballast Water

  • Cosmarium-After-Treatment_Ballast

    Cosmarium after treatment

  • Cosmarium-Before-Treatment_Ballast

    Cosmarium before treatment

Application Note

Application Note

Learn how the FlowCam is used to determine treatment efficacy in ballast water samples.

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Nuisance Algae Guide

Contains 49 different nuisance algae and cyanobacteria species imaged by FlowCAM.

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Article Download

Article Download

Read Testing Ballast Water for Zooplankton, published in International Ocean Systems Magazine.

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