Easy Identification of Algae with FlowCam®

You can classify algae with ease using FlowCam's VisualSpreadsheet® software. It operates just like other spreadsheets - however rather than interacting with just numbers, you can query, sort, and filter the data via the images.

Using the unique interactive scattergram feature, you can quickly select any particles of interest from configurable graphs. You also have access to a summary of statistics for your filter set while also seeing all the images!

Automated Algae Analysis

When you save your user-built filter sets as libraries, you can take advantage of the FlowCam’s classification feature which provides automated algae identification. Every time you run a new sample through the FlowCam, each algal cell imaged is compared against these libraries. Statistical pattern recognition algorithms identify which library the algal cell most closely resembles, and assigns it to that classification.

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