Monitor Your Algae Culture with FlowCam®


Researchers are evaluating algae as a renewable source of biofuel, nutritional supplements, fish feed, and fertilizers. Continuous monitoring is critical for quickly identifying contaminants, quantifying lipid content, calculating size distribution and understanding the overall health of the culture. The FlowCam automates the analysis of large volumes of algae data in real-time.

The FlowCam automates microalgae sample analysis, providing 40+ morphological data points including biovolume, size distribution, shape and fluorescence to aid in population health analysis and harvest scheduling. Contamination identification and enumeration is streamlined through the creation of libraries that classify invasive species and foreign particles.

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Automate Algae Sample Analysis with FlowCam®

What does the FlowCam do for algae producers and researchers?

  • Monitor contamination levels
  • Capture and quantify morphological data for R&D
  • Calculate biovolume and cell size distribution
  • Determine concentration
  • Perform life cycle analysis
  • Classify algae according to user-defined parameters (e.g. taxa and size)
  • Perform live/dead population analysis
  • Quantify lipid content with Nile Red and detect fluorescence
Whether you are cultivating Haematococcus for natural Astaxanthin production or schenedesmus in wastewater for biofuel, the FlowCam will provide real-time data to your operation allowing you to make informed decisions in a timely fashion.


  • Biomass is measured automatically in each sample by measuring each cell’s area base diameter.
  • Nile Red stain enables biofuel producers to measure lipid content.
  • Algae size distribution is automatically calculated. Custom filters can be created to better categorize each size class
  • Contaminants including invasive species and foreign particles, are classified and counted.


  • Biofuel
  • Natural Astaxanthin Production
  • Fertilizers
  • Food Additives
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Fish Meal
  • Aquaculture/Hatcheries


FlowCam® Image Gallery - Algae for Technology

  • Algae-for-BioFuels

    Algae for BioFuels

  • Anabaena


  • Ceratium


  • Chlorella


  • Pediastrum


  • Predator-Zooplankton

    Predator Zooplankton

  • Algae



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