The History of Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1999 as a spinoff from Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean
Sciences (BLOS) in West Boothbay Harbor, ME. FlowCam was originally developed at Bigelow for
studying plankton in ocean water. An extremely novel concept, FlowCam was designed to combine the
benefits of digital imaging, flow cytometry, and microscopy into a single instrument.


In April of 2020 Fluid Imaging Technologies was acquired by Yokogawa Electric Corporation, of Kanasawa
Japan, a multinational electrical engineering and software company with businesses based on its
measurement, control, and information technologies. The addition of FlowCam to the Life Innovation
Business unit of Yokogawa provides for a strategic expansion into the growing biopharmaceutical market.

By the end of 2020, FlowCam exceeded 1,000 units in service. It is deployed in over 50 countries and
on all seven continents, while ship-based units sail the seven seas in support of critical scientific research.

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