FlowCam in the News

Articles and Press Releases Featuring the FlowCam

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies Announces the Release of a Ground-Breaking New Instrument, the FlowCam + LO

"Japanese firm acquires Scarborough-based Fluid Imaging Technologies" Portland Press Herald, Apr 2020

"5 Companies that Specialize in Imaging Technology" Wiki.ezvid.com, Apr 2020

"With new agreement, Fluid Imaging expands in medical diagnostics" Mainebiz, Dec 2019

"Fluid Imaging Technologies celebrates 20 years, delivers flagship instrument to Boothbay laboratory" Bangor Daily News, Sept 2019

"Using Artificial Intelligence to Identify Bloodborne Bacteria" Technology Networks, Aug 2019

"Fluid Imaging Technologies Announce A New FlowCam to Monitor Every Body of Water" Eco Magazine, July 2019

"Nano Imaging Particle Analysis System From Meritics" Laboratory Talk, March 2019

"Use an Integrated Approach to Monitor Algal Blooms" AWWA Texas H2O, Jab/Feb 2019

"Use an Integrated Approach to Monitor Algal Blooms" AWWA OpFlow Magazine, Dec 2018

"Atypical Manufacturer Thrives in Atypical Manufacturing Hub" Chief Executive Magazine, Dec 2018

"The Value of Imaging in Quality Assurance" Laboratory Equipment, Nov 19, 2018

"Detection of Subvisible Particulates in Bioformulations to Ensure Safety" Lab Compare, Oct 29, 2018

"A Very Particular Problem" Laboratory News, Sept 25, 2018

"Shadowy Particles Flow Into the Light. Fluid Imaging Technologies Shows Biopharma How Flow Imaging Outshines Light Obscuration" Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, Sept 15, 2018

"The Apples of Pharma's Eyes,  Pharma Innovation Awards applaud the fruits of suppliers' labors"
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, August 2018

"Single-use plastics: are they safe?" BioTechniques, July 2018

"Identifying Contamination: Subvisible Particle Imaging" PharmTech, June 2018

"Maine Manufacturers hold annual summit, highlight need for young workers: Fluid Imaging Technologies receives the Innovator of the Year Award" Portland Press Herald, June 1, 2018

"Extending the Limits: Oil Immersion Flow Microscopy" Lab Compare, May 3, 2018

"Fine-Tuning Formulation with Fluid Imaging Technologies' FlowCam" Drug Delivery Business News, April 8, 2018

"Multiple Views Deliver Protein Particle Characterization" BioPharm International, April 1, 2018

"Don't Just Go With the Flow, Take a Picture" BioCompare Magazine, March 28, 2018 

"FlowCam Nano with Oil Immersion Technology" Microscopy Today: Product News,  March 2018

"Innovations in Vision: Optical System Images Nanoparticles in Biopharmaceuticals" Vision Systems Design, March 2018 

"Fluid Imaging Introduces New Flow Imaging Particle Nanoparticle Analyzer at Pittcon" Pharmatech.com, March 2018 

"10 Instruments Win Pittcon's 2018 Excellence Awards" Laboratory Equipment, March 2018


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