Why Fluid Imaging

Trust your imaging particle analysis needs to the company that was first, and remains the leader!

Benchtop FlowCAM

Since 1999 and the introduction of the first FlowCAM®, Fluid Imaging Technologies has been the innovator and leader when it comes to the use of digital imaging as a method for the automated analysis of microscopic particles in fluids. The system was first developed for the analysis of ocean water in oceanographic research, then also used in fresh water applications.

Finding the FlowCAM technology to be applicable in other non-aquatic areas, in 2004 the company began selling its technology into 'industrial' markets'. These markets include pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, chemicals, abrasives and plastics. The FlowCAM hardware has been continuously improved each year, producing industry-leading advancements such as cross-polarized illumination, laser and fluorescence-triggered acquisition and the use of an optional high precision syringe pump.

Fluid Imaging has also led the way in terms of imaging particle analysis software. Often imitated, but never equaled, the company's VisualSpreadsheet© software was the first software package to perform typical spreadsheet analysis operations on particle data while presenting the results visually as images as opposed to a tabular representation. VisualSpreadsheet was also the first analysis package to incorporate statistical pattern recognition for particle characterization, yielding an order of magnitude improvement over simple value filtering.