FlowCam® Accessories - Flow Cells

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Standard Flow Cells

Standard flow cells are most commonly used. They can be disposed of after use if desired or cleaned for multiple uses. Standard flow cells come multiple to a package - see quantities below.

Quantity Description Price  
4 50µm Flow Cells $190.00
6 100µm Flow Cells $190.00
6 200µm Flow Cells $190.00
6 300µm Flow Cells $190.00
3 600µm Flow Cells $190.00
3 800µm Flow Cells $190.00
3 1000µm Flow Cells $190.00


Field of View (FOV) Flow Cells

FOV flow cells ensure that the liquid passing through the flow cell is entirely encompassed within the camera's field of view. For information on why this may be important for your application, please read FlowCam Tech Brief #1 Count versus Concentration.

Quantity Description Price  
1 80µm FOV for 10X $2,000.00
1 300µm FOV for 4X
(5mm block)
1 1,000µm FOV 2X & 1/2X
(10mm block)


Flow Cell Holders

If you are ordering a particular type of flow cell for the first time, please make sure to also order its corresponding flow cell holder.                                 

Quantity Description Price  
1 Flow Cell Holder for FC50, FC100 & FC300 $250.00
1 Flow Cell Holder for FC600 $250.00
1 Flow Cell Holder for FC800 $250.00
1 Flow Cell Holder for FC1000 $250.00
1 Flow Cell Holder for FC 80FV-5 & FC 300FV-5 (5mm block) $250.00
1 Flow Cell Holder for FC 1000FV & Special (10mm block) $250.00