FlowCam® Technical Briefs

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Tech Briefs

  • Auto Focus
    Describes the operation and benefits of the auto focus option on the FlowCam VS Series.
  • Understanding Sensor Resolution
    Describes the types of sensor resolution measurements that can be used in imaging particle analysis systems.
  • Characterization of FlowCAM Sensor Resolution in Accordance With USP
    Describes characterization of FlowCam sensor resolution per USP <1788> specifications.
  • Thresholding
    Describes the issues with gray-scale thresholding, particularly for transparent particles, and how FlowCam gives the user control to ensure proper measurements and count/concentration results.
  • Count Versus Concentration
    Describes the difference between count and concentration, and how FlowCam's hardware and software are optimized to insure proper calculations of both.
  • Color vs. Black & White Cameras
    Discusses the trade-offs to be made when deciding which camera to use in a FlowCam, color or black and white.