Imaging Particle Analysis - Tech Briefs

The following Tech Briefs describe some particular features of Fluid Imaging's particle anlaysis technologies and are available for download. Click on the title to download the pdf file.

FlowCAM VS-Series Auto Focus (584.21 KB)
This Tech Brief describes the operation and benefits of the auto focus option on the FlowCAM Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis (DIPA) system.
Tech Brief - Understanding Sensor Resolution (739.5 KB)
This Tech Brief describes the types of sensor resolution measurements that can be used in imaging particle analysis systems.
Tech Brief - Characterization of FlowCAM Sensor Resolution in Accordance With USP <1788> (997.71 KB)
This Tech Brief describes characterization of FlowCAM sensor resolution per USP <1788> specifications.
Tech Brief - Calibration of Imaging Particle Analyzers (415.86 KB)
This Tech Brief describes the methods used for calibrating imaging particle analyzers for both size and concentration measurments,
Tech Brief - Thresholding (885.34 KB)
This Tech Brief describes the issues with gray-scale thresholding, particularly for transparent particles, and how FlowCAM gives the user control to insure proper measurements and count/concentration results.
Tech Brief - Count Versus Concentration (1.04 MB)
This Tech Brief describes the difference between count and concentration, and how FlowCAM's hardware and software are optimized to insure proper calculations of both.
Tech Brief - Color vs. Black & White Cameras (943.43 KB)
This Tech Brief discusses the trade-offs to be made when deciding which camera to use in a FlowCAM, color or black and white.