Download Product Literature

Please feel free to download any of the product literature you see below. Please also note that Application Notes and White Papers are also available for download.

FlowCAM - Aquatic Applications Overview (3.46 MB)
Download this brochure to discover how the FlowCAM is used for analysis of algae in salt and fresh water.
FlowCAM - Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Applications Overview (1.48 MB)
See how the FlowCAM imaging particle analysis system allows you to simultaneously count and classify particles in your sample - and provides you with the critical data you need to ensure product safety.
FlowCAM - Industrial Applications Overview (1.95 MB)
See the various industrial applications, including chemicals, food & beverage, plastics, and fibers, where the FlowCAM can be utilized.
FlowCAM - Water Treatment Applications Overview (1.16 MB)
See how the FlowCAM can be utilized for water treatment applications, including filter foulling algae detection, taste and odor algae detection, and filtration optimization.
FlowCAM - Wastewater Treatment Applications Overview (1.38 MB)
See how the FlowCAM can be utlized for wastewater treatment applications, including floc characterization, identification and enumeration of microscopic organisms, and activated sludge morphology characterization.
FlowCAM - Oil & Gas Application Overview (2.15 MB)
See how the FlowCAM dynamic imaging particle analyzer can be utilized in a variety of oil and gas applications, including drilling mud material characterization, detecting oil in produced water, quality control of frac proppants, and hydraulic fluid monitoring.
FlowCAM –Aplicaciones Acuáticas (ESPAÑOL) (3.43 MB)
Catálogo de cuatro páginas que explica el uso del FlowCAM para el análisis de algas en agua dulce y agua salada.
PetroCAM Overview (1.02 MB)
Learn more about the PetroCAM, a digital imaging particle analyzer engineered specifically for the analysis of oil in water.
FlowCAM PV-Series (1.07 MB)
The FlowCAM PV-Series are economical, application-specific imaging particle analysis systems with a small footprint. Designed for ease-of-use while including the technology base of the VS-Series FlowCAMs.