PetroCam - Oil in Water Particle Analysis System

dynamic-imaging-particle-analyzer-FlowCAMCombining superior optical engineering with state-of-the-art imaging analysis software, the rugged PetroCam accurately analyzes the size and concentration of oil droplets and solid particles in fluids. The lightweight portable system is connected to a laptop for control and analysis.

You will have better understanding of your process, plus a record of your analysis with PetroCam. 

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PetroCam Offers: 

  • Portability 
    Lightweight yet rugged stainless steel enclosure ensures operation.
    Controlled by a PC laptop (included).
  • Quick Identification of Particles in your Fluid 
    Including oil droplets, solids, and agglomerates. 
  • Easy Analysis of Solids and Droplets
    Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet® software instantly displays size distribution and concentration calculations - plus offers stored data libraries.
  • Flexibility to Fit Your Requirements
    Able to handle pressures up to 2000 psi and can be used for continuous on-line monitoring.

Enhanced Oil in Water Detection Now Available! 

Specifically designed for the petroleum industry to help you quickly and easily analyze your fluids.  The new oil in water algorithm available in VisualSpreadhsheet: 

  • produced-water-oil-and-solidsCalculates volumetric concentration in PPM
    Total volume of oil and suspended solids are separately added together particle by particle.
  • Calculates mass-based concentration in mg/L
    Enter the specific gravity of both oil and solids to calculate.
  • Determines average emulsion droplet size, average droplet count, and average solids volume over particle size ranges
    Particles are analyzed individually for emulsion droplets and solids content, providing detailed information on agglomerated particles and their associated volume per particle.
  • Displays interplay between different types of emulsions
    Differentiate between emulsion types using a color camera.

PetroCam Specifications

 Particle / Droplet Measurement
1 µm
650 µm
Minimum Concentration
< 1 ppm
Maximum Concentration
1000 ppm
Flow Channel
Maximum Pressure
2000 psi
Minimum Dimension
2000 µm
Whetted Materials High Strength
Sapphire, 316 SS Fluroelastomer
Super Duplexx SS
1/4" Swagelok Tube Fitting
45 lbs. (20.5 kg)
(instrument, lap top & case)
19" wide x 13" high x 15" deep
480 mm wide x 330 mm high x 380 mm deep


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