FlowCAM® VS Series - Portable Model

Housed in a rugged, small portable case, the Portable FlowCAM VS has all of the features of a Benchtop FlowCAM VS, but in an easily transportable package ideal for collecting particle image data at remote locations. The system is entirely self-contained, with the monitor installed on the case lid, and wireless keyboard and mouse packed inside. A handy travel pull handle extends from the case along with rolling wheels for easy transport.

Portable FlowCAM Features:

  • Compact, transportable case
  • Operates on 120/240VAC or 12V DC (car battery or accessory plug)
  • Fully self-contained (computer, monitor, etc. included)
  • Four magnifications (2X, 4X, 10X and 20X) available to accommodate broad range of sample particle sizes (2µm to 2mm)
  • Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet© software for data capture and analysis
  • Many options available including cross-polarized illumination, 488 or 532nm laser, variable emission filters, color camera and many different flow cell sizes