FlowCAM Technology Overview

Discover how easily you can rapidly characterize particle concentration, size, and shape using the FlowCAM dynamic imaging particle analyzer.

The FlowCAM collects an image, plus over 30 different parameters for each individual particle captured - all at the same speed of more traditional volumetric techniques. The system provides you an in-depth characterization of whole data populations, sub-populations, and even individual particles.

How Imaging Particle Analysis Works

The FlowCAM imaging particle analysis system contains three core technologies: optics, electronics and fluidics.

The fluidics system uses an ultra-high-precision computer controlled syringe pump to pull the fluid sample through a flow cell perpendicular to the optical path.

The optical system is similar to a microscope, and is used to capture real-time images of the particles in the fluid as they pass through the flow cell. Additional optional electronics can also capture two channels of fluorescence information per particle.

How the FlowCAM Works

The FlowCAM Difference

  • Measures particle size and shape - over 30 morphological measurements on each particle imaged.
  • Provides superior image quality and image-based measurements - fast and accurate results you can see, backed by the quantitative data to prove it.
  • Gives statistically relevant results quickly - allows user to look at tens of thousands of particles per minute.
  • Allows automated particle characterization based on statistical pattern recognition - saves time by automatically separating different types of particles into user-created libraries.
  • Delivers accurate results on all particles from 1 µm to 2 mm (count) and 4 µm to 2 mm (count and shape).