MTI Development Award to Fluid Imaging Technologies Brings Company Expansion and Jobs to Maine

Yarmouth, ME: Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of dynamic particle imaging instrumentation used globally for industrial and aquatic applications, announced that the firm was awarded a $498,600 development loan from the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) Business Innovation Program for development of the next generation of imaging particle analyzers. MTI funds innovative technologies across the state to help accelerate commercial success and grow good jobs in Maine’s seven targeted technology sectors.

Fluid Imaging Technologies currently manufactures their flagship product, the FlowCAM® particle imaging analyzer, at their headquarters on Forest Falls Drive in Yarmouth, but has recently increased their footprint by 35% in leasing an additional 2,300 square foot facility in Yarmouth. The loan from MTI allows Fluid Imaging to expand its research and development department, and immediately hire four engineers to work on development of a high-sensitivity automated imaging flow cytometer at their new facility. Fluid Imaging will match the MTI loan with an investment of $793,980 to hire additional staff and consultants and purchase materials for development of their commercial instrument.

Kent Peterson, President and CEO of Fluid Imaging Technologies, said, “It is an honor for us to have MTI entrust their funds in this project. This loan helps leverage our investment to develop a new, high performance imaging flow cytometer, for which we have already filed a patent.” He added, “What’s more, since the time we received our first $50,000 MTI grant many years ago, Fluid Imaging has manufactured and sold over $25 million in products and services and hired over twenty five employees!”

Fluid Imaging Technologies developed the world’s first imaging flow cytometer. Originally used in oceanographic research, it is now used in thirty-six countries by researchers, laboratory and production personnel for a variety of industrial and aquatic applications, including water quality monitoring, foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, petroleum and marine applications.

For more information contact Lew Brown, Director of Marketing at Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.; 65 Forest Falls Drive, Yarmouth, ME 04096; 207.846.6100.; Fax 207.846.6110; lew@fluidimaging.com