Imaging Particle Analysis - Beyond Particle Size!

What's Under the Curve?


 Two particles having the same size, but   
very different shapes. (click to enlarge)

Most particle analyzers give you a distribution of particle size only! FlowCAM® is the imaging-based particle analyzer that gives you over 30 different measurements for each particle, as quickly as the other systems give you only one measurement - size, based on an assumption that all particles are spherical in shape!

While particle size distributions alone may be sufficient when looking at a uniform, homogenous sample of material, in the real world most samples that people want to analyze are heterogeneous. Not only are these samples heterogeneous, containing multiple different particle types, but there is usually a desire to find out the composition of the sample in terms of the amounts of each individual particle type contained in the mixture.

FlowCAM adds in particle shape (morphology) measurements as well as gray-scale measurements (transparency, intensity, etc.) and color information (optionally). All of these additional measurements can then be used by FlowCAM's VisualSpreadsheet® software to automatically characterize different particle types in the sample.

Go beyond particle size with FlowCAM!