Beyond Particle Size: Particle Shape (Morphology)

Of the over 30 measurements made on each particle by FlowCAM®, more than 18 of them are measurements that can be used to define particle shape or morphology. Examples include:

  • Circularity
  • Convexity
  • Fiber Curl and Fiber Straightness
  • 2 Different Length and Width Measurements (based on different measurement principles)
  • Symmetry

 Similar algae images

 Three different algae species having roughly the
 same size. Higher order shape measurements
collected by FlowCAM enable automated
characterization (click to enlarge)

These "higher order" shape measurements are particularly useful in distinguishing between two different particle types that may have almost identical sizes. The image at right shows three algae species that have basically the same size. However, using measurements such as "roughness" and  "convexity", FlowCAM's VisualSpreadsheet® software can automatically segregate each algae cell into the correct bin for each species.

These shape measurements are critical in characterizing multiple different particle types within a heterogeneous sample. We invite you to send us a sample of your material so we can show you how easily FlowCAM and VisualSpreadsheet accomplish this!