Improve Your Water Treatment Process with FlowCam®

water-treatment-main-imageRapidly detect, identify, and quantify nuisance taste and odor algae or problem particulate matter in real-time. 

Use the FlowCam to reduce sample processing to just a few minutes. Save your user-built filters to automate identification. Quickly sort, analyze, and quantify algae and other particulate automatically using Visual Spreadsheet.   

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What's in Your Water?

Use the FlowCam technology throughout the water treatment process to ensure efficiency and quickly detect any issues.  


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Pre-Treatment Optimization and Coagulation Optimization

Flocculation is the mechanism used to collect and transport all filterable pollutants, including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, bacteria, viruses, arsenic, total organic carbon (TOC), and disinfection byproduct (DBP) from the water supply.

With FlowCam technology, you can:

  • count, image and analyze floc and suspended particles 
  • review the rapid success-failure feedback of dosing and mixing changes before filter turbidity or particle counts have the opportunity to spike
  • optimize your process by tracking and trending floc and suspended solids image, count and size data over time

FlowCam’s VisualSpreadsheet® software performs complex object analysis using the captured images of floc particles with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Measure parameters such as particle diameter, volume, volume concentration, and counts in near-real-time. 


Pre-Treatment Optimization and Filter Fouling

Filter issues can affect plant performance and increase cost of plant operation. Most algal species are rejected by filters because they are larger than the pore size of typical water plant filters. Filter fouling can occur as a result of accumulation and adsorption of rejected materials at the media surface. In the presence of algae, the layer of rejected material at the media can be “cement-like” for the particulate material rejected by the filter surface. This algal slime contributes to a greater resistance to filtration, reduced filter runs, and the need for frequent backwash cycles.


The algae monitoring capabilities of the FlowCam accelerates sample processing to just a few minutes. With faster and more accurate detection, confident assessment of a growing presence of nuisance algae is achieved so that remedial action may be taken before the algae bloom becomes problematic in the filter system.


Filtration Optimization

Water treatment plant performance is evaluated by methods such as turbidity, particle counting, and microscopic particulate analysis (MPA). While MPA combined with particle counting provides critical information about the type and number of organisms and particles present, it is a very time consuming process.

The FlowCam accelerates sample processing to just a few minutes, and combines the imaging aspect of MPA with the particle distribution and concentration information of particle counting. The analysis compares the type, size, and quantities of bioindicators and particles found in the raw water to those found in the treated water. These methods provide a unique view and can be used to evaluate filtration efficiencies (or log removal) in conventional and membrane filtration systems.

FlowCam® Image Gallery - Nuisance Algae

  • Anabaena sp

    Anabaena sp.

  • Ankistrodesmus_arcuatus

    Ankistrodesmus arcuatus

  • Botryococcus_sp._NCMA_2742

    Botryococcus sp.

  • Chlamydomonas_sp._(cold_climate_species)_NCMA_1619

    Chlamydomonas sp.

  • Cryptomonas_pyrenoidifera_NCMA_1167

    Cryptomonas pyrenoidifera

  • Cylindrospermopsis_racoborskii_NCMA_1973

    Cylindrospermopsis racoborskii

  • Euglena_sanguinea_UTEX_LB_2345

    Euglena sanguinea

  • Mallomonas_adamas_NCMA_1783

    Mallomonas adamas

  • Pediastrum boryanum var.cornutum UTEX LB 470

    Pediastrum boryanum var. cornutum

  • Phormidium_inundatum_UTEX_LB_2517

    Phormidium inundatum

  • Scenedesmus quadricauda UTEX LB 614

    Scenedesmus quadricauda 

  • Uroglenopsis americana NCMA 2769

    Uroglenopsis americana

  • Volvox aureus UTEX LB 106

    Volvox aureus

  • Volvox spermatosphaera UTEX LB 2273

    Volvox spermatosphaera


Nuisance Algae Guide

Contains 49 different nuisance algae and cyanobacteria species imaged by FlowCAM. 

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