FlowCam® Plankton Analysis for Marine Science

oceanography-marine-science-main-flowcam-image The study of plankton is at the core of oceanographic research across the globe. Identifying species to determine community dynamics is a critical component as it helps us understand marine microbial food webs, ecosystem function, oceanic carbon structure, and responses to environmental conditions.

FlowCam reduces your analysis time, allowing you to advance your research quickly with more comprehensive data.

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Advance Your Research with FlowCam®

FlowCam is an internationally-accepted research tool, with installations on six continents (plus occasional visits to the 7th) and onboard research vessels in every body of ocean water.  Our customers utilize the FlowCam for a myriad of oceanographic research applications, including:

  • Phytoplankton Characterization
  • Zooplankton Characterization
  • Population Dynamics
  • Blue Carbon Research

See how your colleagues are using the FlowCam to further their research in our list of papers and articles that feature the FlowCam.

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Why FlowCam® for Oceanographic Research?

Fast Analysis, Detailed Measurements, and High-Resolution Images!

  • Quickly count, capture, and save images of microorganisms in a fluid stream.  
  • Obtain size, shape, fluorescence, and concentration statistics in a fraction of the time required by traditional microscopy -  typically up to 10,000 images/minute
  • Capture high-resolution, microscopic, digital algae images that are instantly analyzed by VisualSpreadsheet® giving you up to 30 different measurements in real-time.
  • Use fluorescence capabilities to have access to spectral data like you would get from a flow cytometer to further discriminate microorganisms.

Automated Algae Classification

You can sort, filter and classify particle images interactively – and even automate the process!

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Configurable to Meet your Research Goals

  • Analysis of algae from 2 µm to 2 mm: Easy to alternate between multiple analytical ranges.
  • Benchtop and portable models available: Use in the lab or in the field.
  • Flexible sample introduction: Discrete or continuous, in-situ sampling.
  • Options include:
    • 2x, 4x, 10x, or 20x objective
    • Cross-polarized illumination
    • 488 or 532nm laser
    • Color or black & white camera

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FlowCam® Image Gallery - Marine Microorganism

  • Alexandrium from the Gulf of Maine

    Alexandrium from the Gulf of Maine


  • Zooplankton from the Baltic Sea

    Zooplankton from the Baltic Sea

  • Zooplankton from the Baltic Sea

    Zooplankton from the Baltic Sea

  • Plankton from Casco Bay Portland, Maine

    Plankton from Casco Bay Portland, Maine

  • Dinophysis from a Fjord in Norway

    Dinophysis sp. from a Fjord in Norway

  • Dunaliella sp.

    Dunaliella sp.

  • Zooplankton stained with Neutral Red

    Zooplankton stained with Neutral Red



See the FlowCam as it acquires data from one of the samples taken from the Tara Oceans Expedition. 

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Customer Profile

Customer Spotlight

See how Dr. Hans H. Jakobsen is using FlowCam to further his research on climate change and food webs.

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Technical Poster

Semi-automated identification and biovolume estimation of plankton using FlowCAM - presented at the ASLO 2014.

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