Monitor Your Algae Population for Technology Applications with FlowCam®


Algae continues to show great promise as a renewable source for fuel, feeds, and other products such as chemical feed stocks, lubricants, and fertilizers.

Regardless of the types of algae being produced, continuous monitoring is required to understand the growth, composition, and purity of your algae.

The FlowCam is specifically designed to help you analyze large volumes of algae data, quickly.

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Monitor your Algae Quickly and Easily with FlowCam®

Different applications require the extraction of different types of biomass from the algae stock, such as lipids, oils, pigments, and proteins. Depending on the application, different species of algae are found that optimize the yield of the specific biomass desired. Once the desired feedstock is found, high capacity production methods are used to produce harvestable amounts of algae stock for the application. These may be monocultures or mixes of several different species.

  • Live / Dead Population Analysis
  • Growth Tracking
  • Lipid Analysis

Why FlowCam® for Algae Technology? 

Real-Time Data and High Resolution Images 

Inject a sample right from your pond or photobioreactor into the FlowCam for instant access to size, count, and biovolume statistics about your population.

  • Obtain size, shape, fluorescence, and concentration statistics in a fraction of the time required by traditional microscopy -  typically up to 10,000 images/minute
  • Capture high-resolution, microscopic, digital algae images that are instantly analyzed by VisualSpreadsheet® giving you up to 30 different measurements in real-time.
  • Use fluorescence capabilities to have access to spectral data like you would get from a flow cytometer to further discriminate algal cells.

Automated Algae Classification 

FlowCam’s VisualSpreadsheet® software allows you to sort, filter and classify particle images interactively – and even automate the process!

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Configuration for Easy Monitoring 

  • Analysis of algae from 2 µm to 2 mm - Easy to alternate between multiple analytical ranges.
  • Benchtop and portable models available - Use in the lab or in the field.
  • Flexible sample introduction - Discrete or continuous, in-situ sampling available.

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FlowCam® Image Gallery - Algae for Technology

  • Algae-for-BioFuels

    Algae for BioFuels

  • Anabaena


  • Ceratium


  • Chlorella


  • Pediastrum


  • Predator-Zooplankton

    Predator Zooplankton

  • Algae



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