Particle Characterization for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Applications

The FlowCAM® imaging particle analyzer is a valuable tool for analyzing particles in drug development and research, and can help bring timely drugs to market faster. In the testing phase, FlowCAM provides the the exact size and shape of biological material and compounds, making it an important tool for stability studies. In manufacturing, the FlowCAM provides continuous monitoring, for process control and to test batch samples for quality control.


With industry-leading image quality combined with automated statistical pattern recognition software, the FlowCAM imaging particle analysis system allows you to simultaneously count and classify particles in your sample - and provides you with the critical data you need to ensure product safety.

Using the FlowCAM in-flow particle analysis system overcomes the limitation of particle counters, while giving additional particle information typically only found by using microscopy.

FlowCAM Pharmaceutical Applications:

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See how the FlowCAM imaging particle analyzer is helping GSK researchers get a better picture of particles in parenteral formulations.