Characterization of the Microencapsulation Process using Imaging Particle Analysis

Microencapsulation is a  process where a small amount of a substance (active ingredient) is packaged inside a second substance in order to shield the active ingredient from the surrounding environment.  Microencapsulation processes are increasingly being used in the pharmaceutical industry, as they offer many benefits, including:

  • Keeping active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) active and stable, which can lead to a longer shelf life
  • Ability to release on demand for more targeted drug delivery
  • Lower dose requirements
  • Masking odors and tastes in oral delivered medicines
  • Potential reduction in side-effects

FlowCAM is being used by several drug manufacturers in formulation research and production applications where microencapsulation is being used in the delivery methods.  Using FlowCAM, you can gain unique insights into the microencapsulation process because you can dynamically monitor capsule formation over time.  This allows you to determine the effects of temperature, concentration, pH, and other variables on the process in near real-time.   


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