Imaging Particle Analysis Applications

FlowCAM® Serves Diverse Purposes

Click on a specific industry to learn about FlowCAM's diverse applications:

  • Aquatic Research - Count & measure salt and freshwater organisms (algae)
  • Municipal Water - Monitor drinking water suipplies for taste & odor algae
  • Invasive Species - Detect & quantify harmful invasive species such as Zebra mussels, etc.
  • Ballast Water - Monitor efficacy of ballast water treatments
  • Algae Technology - Monitor algae growth and health for algae biofuels, nutraceuticals, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical - FlowCAM® can play a valuable role in drug research & development - helping to bring timely drugs to market faster.
  • Petrochemical - Monitor particulates in upstream processes in the petroleum industry
  • Food & Beverage - Analyze food & beverage ingredients in formulation and QC
  • Chemicals - Determine the formulation accuracy & quality of low viscosity chemical mixtures
  • Plastics - Verify incoming/outgoing quality of plastic resin particles
  • Abrasives - Quantify critical particle size and shape attributes in abrasives & superabrasives
  • Other Applications - FlowCAM’s technology is useful in many other applications not listed here!