Imaging Particle Analysis for Industrial Applications 

Discover how easily you can rapidly characterize particle concentration, size, and shape using the FlowCAM dynamic imaging particle analyzer. The FlowCAM collects an image, plus over 30 different parameters for each individual particle captured - all at the same speed of more traditional volumetric techniques.

The system provides you an in-depth characterization of whole data populations, sub-populations, and even individual particles.

The FlowCAM is a comprehensive particle analysis platform on its own. It also provides an efficient way to confirm data given by other particle analysis methods, and allows you to address the hard to answer questions that arise from sizing data alone.

 What’s Under the Curve?

imaging particle analysis - see what's under the curve

Volumetric-based automated particle analysis systems do not provide particle shape information - they assume all particles are a sphere! Imaging particle analysis allows you to see what’s under the curve - both shape and size of your particles.

FlowCAM Industrial Applications:

See more industrial particles imaged by the FlowCAM

Visit our industrial image gallery to see a variety of different industrial particles - silicone droplets, juice pulp, silica gel, and microencapsulated flavors to name a few - all imaged by the FlowCAM!