Imaging Particle Analysis - Petrochemical Applications

 Portable FlowCAM at oil well
 Portable FlowCAM on-site at oil well

FlowCAM® technology is being used in several areas within the petrochemical marketplace, primarily in upstream applications. The PetroCAM® product is a specifically packaged version of FlowCAM technology for produced water (oil in water) applications, both at well site and offshore. The ability of PetroCAM to automatically differentiate oil droplets from other particulates in the produced water based upon particle shape enables high speed calculations of oil concentration in produced water in real time.

 Drilling Mud captured by FlowCAM
 Drilling Mud images capture by FlowCAM

FlowCAM technology is also finding wide acceptance for the characterization of other upstream fluids such as drilling muds and fracking fluids. Once again, the FlowCAM's ability to go beyond mere particle size distinguishes it from other "volumetric-based" particle analyzers. Because FlowCAM is imaging-based and collects an individual image for every particle analyzed, extensive shape measurements are also collected. For drilling muds, the particle shape has a direct and critical effect on the product performance. Only an imaging device can yield insight into these critical shape parameters.


PetroCAM - Oil in water analysis



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